Nick & Nat’s Uptown 21

Went with Judy and Alice to Nick & Nat’s Uptown 21 in Uptown Waterloo on Thursday before I headed back home for the weekend. It’s one of the last few places that’s left on my list of places to try in Waterloo.

Open Kitchen

Open Kitchen

It was a fairly windy day, so the walk though Waterloo park wasn’t as nice as we were expecting. According to Judy and Alice this one year old restaurant sits in the space of where Salute used to be. The decor and atmosphere of the restaurant was modern and clean, and an open kitchen is always a nice thing to have.



I ordered two drinks, the JalapeƱo Martini made with gold tequila, lime and jalapeno sweet syrup. It was garnished with some cheddary cheese and a slice of jalapeno. The drink was certainly interesting, exactly what you would expect it to taste like: spicy, sweet and boozy at the same time. The drink itself was too sweet for me, and not tasty anyways. It was worth a try, not something I’d ever order again though.

The bar also had a bunch of infused vodkas, including a cherry infused vodka. The bartender suggested making an Uptown 2.1 with the cherry infused vodka, so I gave it a shot and it turned really pretty good, just the right balance of fruitiness and alcohol.


Steamed Mussels

Alice ordered the Steamed Mussels and Judy ordered the Cod Cakes. Alice wasn’t too impressed by the mussels, and was kind of frustrated having to “fish” for the mussels in the broth. Judy on the other hand finished her cod cakes quickly pleased with her choice.

Cod Cakes

Brazillian Cod Cakes

The menu consists of local food, and they also have a daily prix fixe menu (that you can order a la carte from as well). Alice and I ordered from the prix fixe menu, “pillows” filled with chevre and some sort of chilli with ramps. Judy ordered the Potato and Old Cheddar Tortellini served with pecans, shallots in a truffle brown buttle finished with maple/malt gastrique (quite a mouthful there). Both the dishes tasted fairly Asian, partially because their fresh pasta tasted more like wonton than pasta dough and the fact that the flavours of the dishes also tasted Asian. Both dishes were good, although slightly oversalted. I really enjoyed eating the pecans and sauce that were in Judy’s dish.

We finished off with desserts, Judy ordering Cheese and Doughnuts, and Alice and I ordering the Clafouti a type of souffle apparently. Judy loved her doughnuts but found the cheese far too strong for her tastes. (Even I found the cheese too strong, and I’m ok with eating Stilton.) I believe the type of cheese that was served was Taleggio. The clafouti was alright, served with cream and baked with apples. The portion size surprised me, considering the menu said souffle, but the clafouti was actually the size of a small plate.

All of the things at this place were hit or miss, but I’m really tempted to try this place again. I really like the strong focus on local and fresh food, as well as the atmosphere and the attitude of the staff working there.

1 exam tomorrow and 5 more days until I’m done in Waterloo. Wow.

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