Sugar Cookies

Christmas is quickly coming up and that means finding presents for everyone! Since I’ve met so many new wonderful friends over the course of this year, I figured I should make a little something for everyone. Since I’ve picked up baking lately, I figured the most appropriate festive gift would be some cookies nicely wrapped up. And who doesn’t like cookies? So over the next week or so, I’ll be looking for a good recipe to use!

I’ve never actually made cookies from scratch before. The last time I remember making cookies is back in elementary school with my mom using instant Pillsbury dough, which I’m sure everyone has done.

First up are some sugar cookies. I used this recipe since it was the only type of cookie that I had all the ingredients for in my house. Also with a lack of a cookie cutter, I just decided to cut them into little bite sized squares. I’llĀ  have to buy some nice cookie cutters too, before I can make the final products.

Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

I followed the recipe, replacing the butter + salt with salted butter (since it’s the only kind I had at home). Icing the top with a traditional royal icing (salmonella, oh noes!). The cookies themselves came out pretty well, I thought they tasted pretty good, especially since they weren’t too sweet and the salted butter didn’t cause the cookies to taste salty. These cookies also provide a really good blank canvas to get creative with icing and decorating.

Why does all the red icing I make turn pink/salmon coloured?
Perhaps it’s time to invest in some better food colouring!


  1. Reply
    Clara December 8, 2009

    It just mean u need more food color! Sugar is white u know.

  2. Reply
    Lalaland December 12, 2009

    I was in fact attracted by the colour of the icing colour, its prettier than just red. what brand are u using, I like it very much, ha ha!!

    • Reply
      Mike December 12, 2009

      I used Club House food colouring (made by McCormick, comes in a 4 pack of little squeeze bottles that look like this), about 10-15 drops of red.

      Thanks for looking =)

  3. Reply
    Emma December 12, 2009

    To make it more red, just use more of the colouring. I, too, use McCormick’s Club House colouring and get good results. I hear that gel food colouring adds a truer and more even color (especially for royal icing), but I haven’t tried it myself yet.

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